Events for December 2017

Young Musician’s Day Winter Celebration.


Date: December 16
Time: 2:15pm for teachers and families setting-up.
3:00pm-4:30/5:00pm Winter Celebration


  • Families with children in grades Pre-k-2nd organize the setting-up.
  • Families with children in 3rd grade 4th grade help at the food and drink table.
  • Families with children in Fifth, Middle and Upper School help with the cleaning-up.


Families bring a meal or refreshments to share (5 people). All dishes must be ready to eat. No microwave or oven available.

  • Pre-K 3: bottled water.
  • Pre-K 4: bottled water
  • Kinder/First grade: main course.
  • Second, Third and Fourth grade: fruits, salads.
  • Fifth, Middle (6th, 7th, 8th): bottled water, juice, and other refreshments (each child brings 3 big bottles/18 cans).
  • Upper (AP Spanish Language and Culture): desserts.

Winter Break

Dates: December 17th through January 5th

No school for students and teachers.

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