BIS-CIB Academic Program

The Bethesda International School (BIS-CIB) team is committed to the cultural and linguistic development of the bilingual child by creating cognitive, physical, musical, language, social, and service learning activities that are integrated in the curriculum and carried out in Spanish.


BIS is a September through June, Saturday morning program, 9:00 am- 12:15 pm , structured in seven consecutive workshops: Reading Workshop, Music Workshop, Writing Workshop, Spelling Workshop, Publishing Workshop, Puppet Workshop and Theater Workshop.

Spanish Immersion Program

The Spanish Immersion Program is truly international at all grade levels. Subjects are taught in Spanish with a global perspective. Course topics are aligned with the social studies and language arts curricula of the schools that the students attend during the week. Students enrolled in this program are on track to take the AP Spanish Language exam beginning in 10th grade. AP Spanish Literature and IB exam preparation courses will be offered online. Continuing their Spanish language instruction on the weekend allows them to study third and fourth languages during the regular school day in middle and high school.   The BIS-CIB Spanish Immersion Program offers Spanish for native and near-native speakers in grades Pre-K through Upper school, with direct admission of students learning Spanish as a second language in the Pre-Kindergarten (3 year olds). Students who have acquired Spanish as a second language may be admitted to upper level classes with permission of the School Principal and the grade level instructor.  

Reading and Writing Workshops

From grade 6 onwards, the Reading and Writing workshops integrate World History in the World Literature Studies. This range of activities encourages the students’ participative use of the target language, offers them occasions to extend their receptive and expressive vocabularies, and provides them with learning experiences suited to a variety of learning styles. Students create a meaningful project in each workshop, share their projects with their workshop partners, family, teachers, and other community members, and participate in community activities related to their learning objectives.

Academic Program

Pre-School: 3-year old class and 4-year old class
K-1 Identity
2-3 Community and Heritage
4-5 Natural Environment
6 Democracy
7 Modern Nations
8 Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and the Encounter of Cultures.
9-10 The Spanish Civil War
11-12 Present Societies and Politics of the Spanish speaking world


BIS’s curricular objectives are based on the following principles:


Our students are the center of our educational enterprise.


BIS Programs take into account that students have different learning styles.


Students learn best when they are active participants.

Students will be able to:

Communicate better in Spanish.

Appreciate the rich diversity of literature from throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Create a meaningful project at the end of each workshop.

Share their projects with their fellow students, family, teachers, and other community members.

Participate in service learning activities that relate to the school objectives.

Be prepared to take the AP and IB exams in Spanish language and literature.

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