BIS-CIB Teachers


All BIS-CIB teachers are certified in the US and/or their home countries. All BIS-CIB teachers have extensive experience teaching Spanish abroad and in this country. All teachers receive training in the learning routines evolving from the research published by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education called Project Zero. This project analyzes the learning and teaching process according to the needs of today’s learners. Administrators and teachers at BIS have been using learning routines from Project Zero for three years.


The Upper and Middle School Program Coordinator, Mrs. Viviana Cruz together with BIS teachers have crafted a Primary and Middle Years program that puts great emphasis in the performing arts and introduces the students to the Literature and World History Programs. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers who also work for the District and Maryland public schools apply thinking routines in the classroom which inspire the students to make connections and visualize their learning.


All BIS-CIB teachers participate in regular staff development and program development training. Program supervision is provided by Viviana Cruz, the School Principal. All BIS teachers are native speakers and come from Spain as well as Spanish America.

Employment Opportunities

Due to our growing student body we are looking for creative, caring and certified native Spanish teachers for the coming school term.

Qualified individuals residing in the Washington area, please send your C.V. to

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