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All BIS-CIB teachers are certified in the US and/or their home countries. All BIS-CIB teachers have extensive experience teaching Spanish abroad and in this country. All teachers receive training in the learning routines evolving from the research published by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education called Project Zero. This project analyzes the learning and teaching process according to the needs of today’s learners. Administrators and teachers at BIS have been using learning routines from Project Zero for three years.


The Upper and Middle School Program Coordinator, Mrs. Viviana Cruz together with BIS teachers have crafted a Primary and Middle Years program that puts great emphasis in the performing arts and introduces the students to the Literature and World History Programs. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers who also work for the District and Maryland public schools apply thinking routines in the classroom which inspire the students to make connections and visualize their learning.


BIS CIB All BIS-CIB teachers participate in regular staff development and program development training. Program supervision is provided by Viviana Cruz, the School Principal. All BIS teachers are native speakers and come from Spain as well as Spanish America.



Ana Duran

Ana Duran is one of BIS-CIB veteran teachers and she teaches Pre-K for 4 and 5 year olds. Ana is from Bolivia where she received her teaching certificate from the Institute Normal Integrada Católica. Ana also has a certificate in Early Learning from the Wolf Trap Education Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts and she received her Child Development Credential from the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing Program. Ana has been recognized in Montgomery County Public Schools as one of the hardest working teachers in the area. Ana has more than 15 years of experience teaching Spanish.


Yenith Porras

Yenith Porras teaches Pre-K for 3 year olds. Mrs. Porras is from Colombia and she has a teaching certificate from Santo Tomas Institute. Yenith has taught at BIS-CIB for seven years. She also has several years of experience teaching Spanish in DC Spanish Nursery Programs.


Maritza Hernández

Maritza Hernández teaches Kindergarten and she has taught at BIS-CIB for seven years. She has many years of experience in bilingual education in the District of Columbia (DC). Maritza received her teaching degree from the University of El Salvador and she has a Bachelor of Science in Education.


Gabriela Orticochea

Gabriela Orticochea is our new Kindergarten teacher this year. She has worked for other immersion programs in the USA and we are lucky to have her in our school. Gabriella is originally from Colombia and she has a law degree from the University of Colombia.


Victoria Ordóñez

Victoria Ordóñez teaches first grade at BIS-CIB and has taught at our school for three years. She has many years of experience teaching for the District of Columbia. Victoria is originally from Spain and she received her Bachelor’s degree from the Complutense University of Madrid in Political Science and Sociology. Once she arrived at the United States, she knew that teaching Spanish was her calling.


Lourdes Chaza

Lourdes Chaza teaches second grade at BIS-CIB and has worked for our school for three years. Lourdes attended the University of Cádiz and she is now pursuing her doctoral degree at the University of Leon in Spain.


Jorge Arana

Jorge Arana teaches fourth grade at BIS-CIB, he is originally from Mexico and he grew up as a bilingual child. Jorge has worked at one of our DC Spanish Immersion schools and has decided to continue his graduate studies by pursuing a doctorate in the fall. Jorge has his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Missouri Valley College and his Master’s in Teaching from Christian Brothers University.


Carmen Buonovino

Carmen Buonovino teaches sixth grade at BIS-CIB, she is from Venezuela and has several years of teaching experience. In addition to being a language teacher, she is also a Science specialist. Carmen attended the University of Santa Maria in Venezuela.


Antonio De la Peña

Antonio De la Peña teaches seventh grade at BIS-CIB and has a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Seville in Spain. Antonio has experience teaching elementary, middle, and high school. He has worked for different schools in Montgomery County, as well as Prince George’s County, Baltimore County, and Washington DC.


Ronald Portillo

Ronald Portillo teaches eight grade at BIS-CIB and he is originally from El Salvador. Ronald holds a Master’s degree in Spanish and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of El Salvador. He has extensive experience teaching Spanish in college and high school. Ronald is an acclaimed writer and he has won many awards in his home country. Ronald is also an avid researcher of Latin American history and politics.


Ana Live Farach

Ana Live Farach teaches AP Spanish Language and Culture at BIS-CIB and she has a Master’s degree in Intercultural Literature Studies from the Bayreuth University, Germany and a Bachelor’s degree in English and German Literatures from the University of Notre Dame. Ana has many years of experience preparing students for the International Baccalaureate Exam as well as the AP Spanish Language Exam. She will soon receive her doctorate degree from the University of Maryland, Dissertation of Comparative Literatures with a focus on Latin American Literature.



Matt Cruz

Matt Cruz is part of our IT Staff and he has been studying Cybersecurity at the University of Maryland University College. He assists with computer and projection set ups.


Adrian Zlotescu

Adrian Zlotescu is another member of our IT Staff and he is continuing his studies in Communications and Broadcasting. He helps with computer support and set ups.

Employment Opportunities

Due to our growing student body we are looking for creative, caring and certified native Spanish teachers for the coming school term.

Qualified individuals residing in the Washington area, please send your C.V. to

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